A Helicopter View

Sometimes we all get caught up in our own life and problems. We get frustrated that no-one understands our problem or the pressures we face – sounds familiar?

Like in most sporting activities, competition breeds emotion and this is no different from a business perspective.

When you are passionate about your role and things are not working out the way you expect, then it is easy to fall into blaming others.

This is because most of the time we do not understand or can relate to the role that others play. Particularly from those above.

The diagram below helps to visually identify the the different views, levels or perspectives available when looking at an activity or problem.

As a player or spectator, you are only focused on the ball or your opposition, as a coach you are focused only on the performance of your team – but as a leader you need to be across the behaviour and balanced outcome of everything.

So in this analogy, the players are yourself and your teammates, the spectators are your customers and the coaches, your managers.

From this, it is important to understand that not all decisions are personal or based around one person or activity.

So, in considering other’s perspective’s, it helps you understand yours.

Good teams and leaders need to understand and respect their roles and that of others –

This in turn makes their decisions and life easier.

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