Strategic Problem Solving

Even though problem solving is something we do every day and some problems are small or easily solved, others are more complicated and can seem overwhelming, especially Strategic Problem Solving.

One way of tackling problems is to use a specific and systematic problem-solving technique that will minimise risk and guarantee success.

The following is a guide to help you solve problems;

  • Step 1 – Identify and define WHAT the problem is and WHY it is a problem.
  • Step 2: Generate possible solutions
    • Consult with those involved or who have faced the challenge before
  • Step 3: Evaluate alternatives
    • Eliminate less desirable or unreasonable solutions.
  • Step 4: Decide on a solution and specify   
    • HOW the solution will be implemented.
    • WHO will take action
    • WHEN the action will be implemented.

The below diagram, is an example that relates business management to that of climbing Mt Everest (one of my great passions).

In this instance reaching the summit is only halfway to success, as returning home safely to celebrate your achievement is the greater goal.

Understanding that successful strategic problem solving is only attained by the collection of achievable goals, expert guidance and a well-defined but adaptable destination is an invaluable skill for all up-coming managers & leaders.

So, creating strategy and goal setting success, can be very simple, and a highly rewarding skill to have. Want to know more – contact or

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