Delegation Made Easy

Many leaders fall into the same trap – i.e. they “do too much”, “no-one can do it is good as me” or “no-one helps…”

“I’ve got no time” – sound familiar?

Well, there is always time. Great leaders find time!

How? They understand the importance and value of their time.

So, the first step towards delegation made easy, is to ask yourself for every task – should I be doing this, controlling this or policing this?

Another way, is to put a dollar value on your time and those around you. If it can be done cheaper and to the same standard (or better) by someone else, then good business sense dictates you need to make a change.

Delegation Made Easy

Good leaders know that to be successful in their roles, they need a great team. But more importantly they accept that the delegation of trust and responsibility does not diminish their ultimate accountability.

Delegation is also the key ingredient of succession.

With a new and emerging generation of young leaders, the interface of task ownership, autonomy and empowerment can become a major challenge from both upstream and downstream.

“You don’t have to do everything – even Batman had Robin”

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