Leaders Are Like Conductors

Leaders Are Like Conductors

Like the conductor of an orchestra, a leader of a high-performance team is uniquely skilled in one area – they know how to unite a group of individually more capable people than they are.

Like an orchestra, every team or business has differing individuals or departments whose roles, methods and outcomes are uniquely different. Some are cost driven, whilst others are revenue driven, some control compliance, yet others just want to please their customer.

Correlating this to an orchestra, you stereo-typically have your sweet-sounding violinist competing with your bass bounding drummer.

To accompany this, the genre of music the orchestra plays, is much the same as the shared ethics, values and standards of that which umbrellas a business.

Sounds challenging? Not to a good leader.

Like a conductor, a good leader understands how to unite and deliver the best outcome for each individual or the team as a whole.

Leaders are like conductors
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Good leaders understand the difference between their sales team and their operations team, between finance and support services, between shareholders and executive, between customers and supplier or between regulators and the community.

Done right, the success of a business is like making beautiful music – something to be enjoyed by everyone.

Because leaders are like conductors.

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