Leadership Skills

Supervising, managing and leading – they seem the same, but in essence they require vastly different skills, experience and attitude.

Overall, the key difference is that a supervisor or manager will focus on planning, organising, and coordinating resources to manage tasks and deliver results.

A leader however will inspire, motivate, and influence those around them which will drive people to achieve their goals and objectives whilst working towards the bigger picture.

But the old saying that “you are born a leader” is so far from the truth.

Everyone has leadership skills, and, like learning to play an instrument, these are developed over time and to different audiences through practice, trial and error and good coaching.


Like any sort of knowledge or skill acquirement, the more you know, you realise the less you know. But with leadership learning there is generally one major problem – the skills you require are generally not available internally in your organisation.

For this reason, it is said that being a leader is sometimes a lonely place.

Upskilling and developing your leaderships skills should not just rely on trial and error, for it takes too long, and pitfalls loom at every corner.

The best way to fast track your learning, is from those who have travelled the path before.

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