Managing and Stress

There is no doubt the challenges of managing and leading at work can-do untold damage to your health and wellbeing if left unchecked. Managing and stress go hand in hand.

Managing this is critical.

Even though Covid offered countless negatives and challenges, it was a time for many to slow down and reflect on where they are and going. Working from home had many disadvantages, but one advantage was that you could step in and out of the pressure cooker easier.

Now that we are returning to the pre-Covid normalities of a fast-paced ever-changing world, many are looking to avoid the stress, anxiety or frustrations of the past.

Sounds familiar?

At SKNA, we can help you learn to love your job again.

Through our mentoring programs, we can help you find a balanced approach to self-managing the emotional transactions of your role, minimising the impacts of managing and stress .

We are certainly not proposing to remove stress, anxiety or frustrations, but our success lies in lowering their intensity and widening the gap and duration of these.

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