Goal Setting for Success

To many, the words Strategy and Goal Setting, have negative connotations of complexity or a fear of failure rather than success. However, from our experience – Goal Setting for Success is imperative in business.

New Years resolutions are a great example of this.

At SKNA, we have a proven formula that helps debunk these limiting beliefs and sets you on a road to success.

The foundation pillars of this formula are;

  • Know your true destination and
  • Seek expert help from those who have succeeded before.

The below diagram, is an analogy that relates business management to that of climbing Mt Everest (one of my great passions).

In this instance reaching the summit is only halfway to success, as returning home safely to celebrate your achievement is the greater goal.

Understanding that a successful strategy is only attained by the collection of achievable goals, expert guidance and a well-defined but adaptable destination is an invaluable skill for all up-coming managers & leaders.

So, creating strategy and goal setting for success, can be very simple, and a highly rewarding skill to have.

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